As we are approaching the SHND swap, we have been talking more with our developers and we can inform the community the following numbers:


  • Number of addresses with more than 1,000 coins: 75,000;
  • Number of addresses we swap per minute: 1,000;
  • Estimated time to get coin swap done: 75 minutes.


Numbers provided by our developer Linenoise who is conducting the swap logistics.


Let’s also have in mind that all PC users will have to download the new wallet and transfer the wallet.dat file located on StrongHands folder to the new one. So your coins will be swapped after syncing this new wallet with the new SHND chain.

Very close to the announcement we will release a video with instructions and give to all the chance to swap coins. Unswapped coins will not be valid in the new chain.


Coins in exchanges will be swapped automatically since this is the agreement we are having with them.


After the swap new markets for the new SHND will be released.


Also after launching our SHNDX Exchange we will have great news for SHMN and SHND holders.


Thanks for staying with us.


The StrongHands Team