More than 1,2 trillion SHND are moved to SHMN!

Dear Community,

These last three days were very hardworking and great for team, we had more than 8,000 swapping transactions.

The exact numbers so far are 1,258,947,879,221.67309570 SHND moved into 251,789.57584444 SHMN.

The SHND will be burnt and reflected at market cap websites. You already can reckon upon these numbers. We also could follow biggest holders swapping coins which is very positive for next round.

We did put the swap site offline and a new one combining with a discord swap bot will be online very soon TBA as we finish double-checking the operations and make sure all the payments will go alright for all. Here patience is the key and you won’t miss out what is coming through for our community.

Wait for news also putting the SHMN network online! Stay tuned to our social media.

Let’s make this very clear, StrongHands is a great project, has a great history of development, dormancy and revival through community and will have amazing new developments as stated on our Roadmap and soon on our strong and powerful Whitepaper, StrongMasternode will be another great coin generated from ideas, suggestions and decisions made by community and shall have own website, development fund, roadmap and usage plans. Coin already have its own history and it is to being carried by our people too. A lot to come since we plan to be one of the top 5 masternode coins in market.

For future more new great announcements and partnerships will be held to community since strategic plans are being made. Our team is 24/7 searching for great opportunities.

Only the Strongest Hands will prevail!

The StrongHands Team