Together we are more than stronger!

Dear Community!

After releasing the whitepaper things became a lot more comfortable for us to explain what our project is about.

StrongHands Project is announcing today a great partnership with preCharge, a great promising and revolutionary project backed by a 15 year old Fintech that combines now crypto, exchange, banking, fast payments and easy access to great retailers such as Walgreens, Whole Foods, Staples and so on.

The preCharge Blockchain is your source for Free Single Sign-On, Multi-Asset, Ultra Secure centralized access to major Merchants, Payment Networks and even Secure Private Messaging preCharge uses a proprietary BlockChain Technology to process over 1,000 Transactions a second through its Global Network. No longer worry about Wallet addresses, paper Backups or Lost keys, everything is transferred and controlled by your email address.

Here in this video you can find more about the possibilities of what preCharge involves:

preCharge is launching an brand new and amazing exchange where StrongHands (SHND) and StrongHands Masternodes (SHMN) will be listed to be traded. As a part of agreement StrongHands Exchange (SHNDX) will list PCPi Token at its launch by end of year. From today we are starting the integration and on the next weeks the trading pairs will be announced. Stay tuned!

Please create your preCharge Wallet and buy tokens at

Also a channel on our Discord Server which can be accessed here:

We are very happy and proud of this achievement and want to say thank you very much for this opportunity!