After some productive discussions these are the adjustments!

StrongHands Masternode under the Kaizen Protocol made the first decisions after getting listed at Masternodes.Online and GINcoin platform. In order to attract more investors, have more market cap plus make a great path to be one of the best privacy masternodes of cryptomarket, some measures were taken as follows:

  • Burn of more 111,000 coins (done today);
  • First Fork to increase rewards per block and consequently the ROI (date to be announced);
  • Development Funding now through blocks instead of frozen coins reserved (mathematics to be released beginning of next week);

These all three decisions will make our masternode coin even stronger and have a great number of coins locked up to keep our main net stable and reliable.

Now new circulation supply is 664,127 SHMN with 33.57% coins locked up masternodes, which can be checked here

Let’s not forget the fact of having SHMN stable will be the drive to great trades at our new exchange SHNDX. It will be the central pair with BTC and SHND.

SHNDX is also under development and tests are to be scheduled for September.

Thanks to all StrongHands Community