Now with this great document we are prepared for new challenges!

Dear community,

In behalf of the whole SHND Team I want to say thank you very much for staying and believing in this project. I remember 14th of February when Michael (Bitcoinbabys) came to me and said privately: “Join the project and this coin will change your life!”

Yes. It changed a lot since that day, Michael and I became close friends, worked for SHND fork, swap, battled the FUD together and worked very hard to make this project great. This first Whitepaper is more than a document, it is trophy and a great reward for our persistance.

StrongHands is not a perfect project like many other great coins such as XRP, PundiX, Waves, with timing or daily achievements. It is about future, passion and friendship. While other projects are disappearing due to exit scams, criticism and disbelief we are here, always here, negotiating partnerships, reworking numbers, roadmaps because SHND is about trying, sometimes with success and sometimes not since there are a many humans behind, from many countries and different ways to see life.

Here we listen histories, some want to be millionaires, others want to be sportists and some want a pump to buy a simple house to get rid of paying rent.

People might just drop coins and leave, newbies may come, but there is one certainty: WE WILL NEVER LEAVE STRONGHANDS.

I also want to thank Josh, Greg, Daniel (Tio) and Chris (Skyjuice), Jen and Jes for all contribution so far. I will never forget how important you are for all of this.

We are here to respond to your questions as much as we can.

Here is the link for our document since we didn’t want to lack quality, file has 9MB:

Enjoy the read!