Stronghands - Our First Newsletter for community and investors


StrongHands is hitting now Irish Market with a great upcoming project!

Our project is always birdwatching great opportunities and this time after an approach from our great friend of discord Friendweiser#1130 we came into some exciting conversations and result is SHND listed paired with GCN Coin at IRCEX Exchange. GCN is a great coin created in 2014 and has almost same history of revival as our project, the new is really engaged to make great things for crypto community.

GCN has its own exchange IRCEX planned to be a great global and local one, we are sure this partnership will take both coins further.

Also, NIBYX our great partner all time will create SHND/GCN and GCN/DOGE pair to crosstrade both coins. Great opportunity for all communities to gather and help each other to grow strong!

Thank you very much GCN Team for this great opportunity!

GCN website:

GCN Discord:

IRCEX Exchange:

Stay tuned for more great news!