Developer’s Update

Apologies for delays! Code seems ready, will go through final tests for errors in integration then compiling new binaries. The forks are programmed to happen at time: Saturday, February 17, 2018 12:00:00 AM GMT 

  • max_money will increase to 40 billion, changing the current 2 billion coin bug limit to a 40 billion coin bug.
  • max stake age will be reduced to 120 days, this will assist with network security.
  • At block 589500, approx 2 weeks away. at this block PoW rewards will increase to a max of 500,000 coins/block
  • At block 593500, approx 3 weeks away. PoS rewards will change to static 500,000 coins/block
  • At block 609500, approx 7 weeks away. both PoW and PoS rewards will reduce to a max of 250,000 coins/block .

There are some differences between the specific values that were voted up and the values appearing in the fork, we will address this at a later time, but it is important to understand that this update will quickly and heavily curtail inflation. Sorry for the shortness and possible lack of detail.

We will add more information soon