Dear community!

We are very close to start the swap and would like you to inform the situation of major developments of StrongHands Project.


  • Swap: last week our developers Bumba, Sic_Null and Fedda decided to go under on our new algo and coding to give a long term perspective security for our chain. So we are expecting to make an announcement of swap date this month of August. We already have by Linenoise the whole swap strategy arranged, so it will be very fast;


  • Exchanges: We are very soon sending a letter to all of them informing the swap procedures, Bitcoinbabys is working on this situation. New partnerships are on works and after swap we may announce many other bigger markets;


  • SHMN: Recently we listed our Masternode coin at P2PB2B exchange with success and we are already working on more listings, all depending on budget and acceptance of market, aim is always getting 100 million market exchanges to create great volume for our coin;


  • Masternode Platform: It is still under development and will have a huge market plan and the cheapest prices on market;


  • SHNDX: Our exchange is at final touches of security and can be announced as soon as we get the green flag by our developers involved;


  • StrongPay: Our app is under development and tests, we now are quite late on this but very soon we will talk to some users to be our beta testers, we prefer to postpone this in order to focus on swap process.


  • Community: We are planning to open a Youtube Channel where our managers will speak more with our investors;


  • Marketing: We are trying using some spaces in our website for advertising, some tests are being made and if you are interested on advertising in our News page our some other strategic spaces, talk directly with VDR The Great on Discord or Telegram.


  • Future: with those basic targets done, our project will work more and more about the acceptance and adoption, many partnerships are being triggered to bring the best experience in cryptocurrency for all!


Thanks for being with us!

We are SHND.


StrongHands Team