Thank You All For a Massive Support and This Amazing Journey!

May, 31st

I apologise from my end for the delay.

I managed to make my life clash miserably with my work by moving house around this time :stuck_out_tongue: From three weeks away the move seemed fine, from even one week still fine, but then the reality of packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, setting up, fixing, and everything else in between suggested everything was not fine.

So far I’m half way (I hope) through a terribly extended process that has me exhausted, left with internet slightly better than dial up, and no focus at all for SHND.

There are others on the job though, so I can report the site is just waiting for a network to connect to, and the code is being finalised. While I am not around much, Bitcoinbaby is, but he has less control over time lines than I do. So please be gentle with him. We are working, and the swap will happen in the close/forseeable future. I again apologise for the delay.


StrongHands Lead Developer