StrongHands™ Exchange

“Dreams Come True When You’re Committed To Make Them So!”
Wesam Fawzi

This amazing StrongHands™ project is under development and will have SHND/SHMN and other pairings.

At the moment we are crowdfunding and the development cost is 1BTC.

Let’s all together build the best experience with StrongHands™ and StrongMasternodes!

You’ll buy and sell your coins fast with all trust of our great community!

SHNDX is under development and will be released very soon!

Help us to fund this project donating to the following addresses:


BTC: 1Gzmq23U6RnCkZuSscNXYDsNYxxxP5mSda

LTC: LLzPbPe7BNZ6EkvJWs6MKEascsnwxKCxxS

ZNY: ZeAo2hfcgyundd2GAoKj3M9uhk2gqhsWja

DOGE: DJYjstYXCdaK11cDufAgiEcM17H4RToa2X