Dear Community,

We want to announce that our 1000:1 Coin swap is concluded in the following exchanges:

1) BitexLive;

2) CREX24;

3) Cryptaldash;

4) Graviex;

5) NortExchange;


Please find hereafter new steps we are following:

1) We are now working to get CoinMarketCap and Coingecko completely adjusted.

2) Satowallet hasn´t returned the list of addresses for helping compensating community their loss of coins, we are still waiting on them;

3) Pandabot will be back as soon as we get enough Boo to pay for the fee; we have a buying order at Crex24, we won´t pump the coin since our budget is limited;

4) We opened conversations with great new exchanges and we are also raising money to get SHND listed on platforms such as Vindax, Txbit and Catex, with those we can achieve 1 billion USD/day markets. We need at least 1 BTC to pay all of them. Donation address is: 1EqGUJr1KcXZj4qTGjob4rztct6KrjG24y

5) SHNDX is on way to be finished and very soon we will program the launch date, the platform is looking great and we expect to launch by Q1 of 2020;

6) Version 1.1 of SHND Whitepaper is coming with the new targets of StrongHands Project.