Original StrongHands Launch

Late 2015

Community Fade

Sadly, in late 2015 original developer Jackson Briggs passed away suddenly. Improvements in the coin’s technology immediately grinds to a halt.



Without any lead developer or community direction, the original StrongHands™ coin community enters complete dormancy.

End of Original StrongHands
Start of New StrongHolds

September - December 2017

Development Sprint

After identifying key issues with the StrongHands™ wallet, the core developers entered a major development sprint to help fix wallet compatibility issues with major pools and trading exchanges.

January 2018

Community Take Over Announcement

On January 8, 2018 an official community take over announcement was posted to Bitcoin talk. Additionally, Reddit user Hypoluxy helped announced upcoming changes, roadmap, and coming whitepaper for the StrongHands™ community.

Upcoming Developments

January 2018

PoS Reward Final Fix

The final fixed PoS reward was determined by community vote (Jan. 2018) and it is 50k coins / block (~10.5 billion/yr).

February 2018

Hard Fork & Sponsorship

A planned hard fork will occur the second week of February 2018.

StrongHands™ sponsors Olympic Dutch long track speed skater Jan Blokhuijsen 

StrongHands™ released plans of new Master Node currency

StrongHands™ listed on

StrongHands™ listed on

StrongHands™ sponsors Brazilian Soccer Player Marcio Teruel

StrongHands™ sponsors Quantaya-Gaming

March 2018

Exchanges & Official App

StrongHands™ sponsors first female Brazilian Badminton Player Roberta Zanotto

List StrongHands™ listed on

StrongHands™ sponsors Great Britain’s Taekwondo athlete Damon Sansum

April 2018

StrongHands Future

StrongHands™ releases its first Open Online Newsletter Read here

StrongHands™ listed on

StrongHands™ listed on

StrongHands™ starts Community Recognition Rewards.

StrongHands™ will release an official Android app.

StrongHands™ listed on Troca.Ninja

May 2018

The Coin Swap Preparation

StrongHands™ will release Masternode specs and tutorials

StrongHands™ will release coinswap wallet for StrongHands Masternode currency

StrongHands™ will start coin swap

Long Term

Latest Developments

Official StrongHands Roadmap Development Updates



As you may know there’s a process when installing and configuring the wallet. This will be addressed after the current Bumba

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