The history is always alive and repeats time to time!

Everybody at crypto world knows how the Bitcoin started to be seen as a real coin possibility: used to buy a pizza when an young programmer found himself with no money on his pocket and delivery man accepted the coins.

Now StrongHands is to make same path since an entrepreneur from Brazil decided to receive SHND and SHMN as form of payment for his famous pizzas on neighborhood.

Eduardo is a young guy from Cuiaba/Brazil who is everyday at telegram and twitter talking about StrongHands Project giving constructive suggestions and someday he came with this funny work:



After talking with the Eduardo we understood he was serious about it and asked him his real logo to transform his business a StrongHands partner since this man is just amazing at promoting our project on social media. Here is the new logo and where also will be posted on our website:



Let’s all remember when Bitcoin was accepted first time to buy a pizza, coins were even given on faucets and distributed in forums like Reddit. Now this is the same path StrongHands is making. Team congratulates and say thank you to Eduardo Afonso Faria, a strong holder and visionaire.

If you want to eat a great pizza with Eduardo at Fornazzo Pizzaria the address is right here:

Rua 73, quadra 04, Casa 17, setor 1, Bairro CPA 3

Zipcode 78058-484

Cuiabá-MT, Brasil.

Eduardo’s Twitter address:

StrongPay will be soon released and will have SHND and SHMN to be received, stored and used as real method of payment. Stay tuned with us!