We are under maintenance for new 2020 Website and will be back soon!


Now our website in under maintenance to come back with the greatest transformation of our history since when our hero Jackson Briggs decided to create a coin to combat the wrong way bitcoin was going.

We are very proud of what we achieved so far, no big player, no whale, no wash trading in exchanges, no artificial control behind it. Our developers do what they do for love and passion.

2019 we made the last swap ever and now with maximum supply of 29 billion coins we will control our inflation time to time burning coins same way as other big projects do, all because StrongHands Project will inaugurate an entire ecosystem where Exchange, StrongPay and Masternodes will walk along as one thing.

Next August SHND and SHMN will have new identity, new logos and also GUI’s. (SHND already changed as example).

Our Exchange Platform will trade with other new projects having SHND/SHMN pairs.

All of this because we have a STRONG Community that never abandoned standing with development team. Now it is time of a brand new era where we will expand our branding, modernizing and giving to crypto economy one of the best and useful projects.

During the pandemic we worked harder than ever, we opened our own Exchange with the big hand of an angel investment and from now we are getting ready for new challenges the future will impose, we have seen people suffering, it is time to review the capitalism, basically give to people real opportunities to create business, living quality e being free from domination.

It is time for real freedom, ECONOMIC FREEDOM FOR ALL!


While we aren’t back, please check our social media for more information!



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