When SWAP? Up to you now!

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here!!!

You may now swap our SHND for SHMN!! Please be cautious of fake or malicios site.

Only use as official swap site. Swap site will be also linked to SHND Official Website, but double check to avoid if you are on correct address always.

We currently have Windows 64bit wallets and a Linux wallet available with OSX soon to come.

This swap will last from exactly 24hrs from the time of this post.

Below is swap site and how to generate your own SHMN address.

No coins will be released to community until PoW period ends.

Once sending SHND to swap site it must get 20 confirmations before confirming.

Below I will post screenshots of how to swap correctly!

Thanks for all of the patience by everyone and let’s have an amazing 24h swap! We will be posting a count of all SHND swapped throughout the 24h period!


  1. Download new SHMN wallet (wallet will not connect to blockchain)
  2. Copy SHMN receive address from wallet
  3. Paste SHMN receive address in STRONGHANDS MN address space
  4. Create username (recomended)
  5. Click start conversion
  6. Copy SHND deposit address and send amount of SHND wanted to swap to that generated address (min of 300 max of 20 million per tx)
  7. Check SHND wallet for confirmations, Sent SHND for swap will confirm after 20 confirmations
  8. Sit back and enjoy!!

No coins will be released to community until PoW period is over.


DISCLAIMER: Always follow orientations by the SHND Team Leaders on Discord, Twitter or Telegram. We do not take responsibility for coins sent to other people’s wallet.

Enjoy the event, the journey has just started.

We have solid and firm objectives and both coins are only for the strongest hands!

The StrongHands Team