Dear Friends,

We at StrongHands have a great way to work based on volunteering.

However, many users are always complaining that we should work more accomplishing targets.

According to our views, receiving a 1$ donation every month from a great number of users would help us a lot maintaining website, security, paying team and more professionals dedicated to produce high-quality content also even more developers.

The funding may also help to pay advertising in many crypto websites which will contribute to expand our plans and attract more investors.

So, for this reason we created the following addresses to make things easy.

BTC: 1EqGUJr1KcXZj4qTGjob4rztct6KrjG24y

BCH: qrpam495aaye5ysm80zrg6sn3ljpdrq9xuza0l0hkl

ETH: 0x2592bC8D7Ce1d6357F60d2Eb6F18Abaa453cc5CF

SHND: SWxF9159AWWEkD6PzufbwqP2yp8uUj8BGU

SHMN: M9s13jorHW3QVRrx7j1Rmm9FpAhQzhKCku

Thank you very much!

The StrongHands Team