2019 Plans for StrongHands – Important Announcement

The Crypto market is acting strange? No worries! Always reckon upon SHND Team to put things right!

Yes community! 2018 was just fun.

We took over the community, stopped huge inflation, swapped coins, achieved new markets and gained frontiers. And all with the support and help of an amazing community while many ICOs and projects did not delivered after raising big money. We are so proud of what we are becoming.

Apart of the depression on crypto prices this end of year we remained strong and confident on what we are working and sometimes observing how others behaved. When possible we tried to be different, in other cases we just benchmarked the ideas since we also have no problem to see others copying and implementing on their projects. We are open source and will never change our manners. Many other projects got inspiration from our community and the most important thing is really passing away what you have learned, otherwise makes no sense studying so deep and hard.

We are humans behind computers and make mistakes which reminds us to apologize for some actions that didn’t happen at desired times. We are very focused to make a lot more happen and make our project big. Remember, we were never meant to be an “overnight lambo” coin, we always intended to be a long term project in a way we think cryptos substituting the way people trade their stuff without the power of banks, and being a strong reserve of value combined with freedom is very important. StrongHands is about freedom of choice, friendship and love. These sentiments will drive us to future and never or nobody will change that.

Alright! After talking so much, you guys wanted news and below you will find the basic plans we have to keep implementation and make the big mass happy with our work:


  • – 31st of January: SHMN will deliver a lite fork to generate new premine for a new opportunity to swap SHND at a 10.000.000:1 ratio and generate development fund for future;
  • – 31st of January: Our Exchange SHNDX will go live with SHMN and SHND as main trading pairs along BTC and LTC markets and other services to be announced. There will be some top 10 markets already working;
  • – 31st of March: SHND will command an obligatory swap of 100:1 generating a new PoS coin with reward scheme to be announced, we will start the discussions to check what exchanges will do it automatically, for sure some will not agree and others will charge us, we are hoping this process will work smoothly;
  • – StrongPay: We have a developer working on app and much probably at same time app will be launched, we hope we can work on SHNDX features on it but all will depend on budget;
  • – 2020 Olympics remains up and working and we hope to announce the athletes sponsored as mentioned on our roadmap;
  • – Team remains strong with Michael Larry (Bitcoinbabys) and I, Valter Ribeiro (VDR) as Project Managers with Bumba leading the Development Team with Repo, Giorgio, Fedda and Nash. We are here to help, in crypto turnovers happen but we assure the heart and brain remains same;
  • – Ambassador Program is working great with the inclusion of friends from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. Also we now have Thotho as Community Admin of SHMN and Ambassador of whole African continent, same for Raj, Ray and Aman as Indian Ambassadors. Special mention to Jen and Jes in Australia who carried and biggest giveaway of 10 billion coins to a single person showing the love and passion to this project;
  • – Marketing still be lead by Chris Stevens (Skyjuice) who are playing import role talking to some markets and checking opportunities in East Europe.


More great news are yet to come and we will keep you posted as they pop up because we never stop thinking about the future of cryptocurrency. We came to stay.

Thanks to this amazing community for 2018 and for sure 2019 will bring you surprises (the good ones only we hope!). Special mention to the Japanese Community who supported us since day one.

Best Regards,

Michael Larry-Reed and Valter D. Ribeiro

Project Managers