Hello Users and Supporters,

Update on the StrongHands swap is as follows.

The swap will start at 12:00 UTC time on October 1st.

Please do NOT send any transactions after 11:00 UTC time as they will not be credited to the new chain.

You may continue to stake and mine the coins just no sends.

Panda Bot Update: If you have your coins in panda bot you may leave them there as we will perform the swap there as well. Panda bot swap process will start a little bit after the Oct 1st swap date as i continue to work with sai on the swap process.

PC Wallet Users: If you plan to swap via pc wallet, you can perform your swap by simply copying your current wallet.dat file and pasting it in your new shnd wallet. PC wallets to be released after 12 UTC Oct 1st. Please remember that exchanges have placed notices on their exchanges informing investors of the swap so make sure any coins you want swapped are in your exchange wallet prior to 11 UTC time Oct 1st.

Exchanges we will de-list from.

  • Coindeal
  • Graviex

If you have coins on these exchanges please remove them and place them in a pc wallet or on a supported exchange.